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Over 90 Illegal Immigrants Detained in Tasikmalaya
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Minggu, 5 Februari 2012 | 05:50 WIB

TASIKMALAYA, - A total 91 illegal immigrants whose boat had sunk off Tasikmalaya’s Cipatujah beach and were saved by local fishermen have been accommodated at the Asri hotel here after being held at the local police precinct.

Police said here on Saturday that the immigrants were put up in the hotel pending the arrival of IOM officials who will handle the immigrants’ problem. The immigrants were moved to Asri hotel on Singaparna road or relatively near the police precinct office.

"Our duty is only to control the illegal immigrants before we moved them to the Asri hotel. They will eventually be handled by IOM and the immigration office," Tasikmalaya police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner, Irman Sugema said.

There was no immediate detailed report on how the immigrants’ boat had sunk. Previously, police had also detained a total of 47 illegal immigrants who were on their way to the Cipatujah beach to take a boat that was to take them to Australia.

"Police intercepted them during their journey by bus from Jakarta to the Cipatujah beach from where they would continue their journey to their final destination, Australia," the police officer said.


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