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Facts and figures about Facebook
43.1 Million Members of Facebook in Indonesia
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Kamis, 2 Februari 2012 | 08:41 WIB
Good Morning America Mr Green (left) decided to stay in school and not become one of the founders of Facebook with Mr Zuckerberg (right)

SAN FRANCISCO, KOMPAS.com - Facts and figures about Facebook, which filed papers for an initial public offering on Wednesday seeking to raise $5 billion:

- Facebook has more than 800 million active users. If it were a country it would be the third-largest in the world after China (population: 1.34 billion) and India (population: 1.17 billion).

- With 152.5 million members, the United States has the most Facebook users followed by India with 43.5 million, Indonesia with 43.1 million, Brazil with 37.9 million and Mexico with 32 million. (source: socialbakers.com)

- Facebook is the most popular social network in every country of the world with the exceptions of China, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea and Vietnam.
(source: comScore)

- Facebook has minted four billionaires: Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker. The 27-year-old Zuckerberg’s net worth was estimated at $17.5 billion on Forbes’ 2011 list of the wealthiest Americans. Moskovitz had a net worth of $3.5 billion but pips Zuckerberg for the title of world’s youngest billionaire, having been born eight days after him.

The Brazilian-born Saverin, who left Facebook early on after a falling out with Zuckerberg, had a net worth of $2 billion. Parker, the Napster co-founder who briefly served as Facebook’s president, had a net worth of $2.1 billion.

- Chris Hughes, one of the four co-founders of Facebook, served as the Director of Online Organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

- The most popular page on Facebook is Facebook’s own page with 60.2 million fans followed by a Texas HoldEm Poker page with 56.6 million fans, an Eminem page with 52 million fans, a YouTube page with 51.3 million and a Rihanna page with 50.3 million.

- 50 percent of active Facebook users log in on any given day and the average Facebook user has 130 friends.

- More than 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook per day and more than 350 million active users access Facebook using mobile devices.

- “The Social Network,” the 2010 film about the origins of Facebook, won four Golden Globes — including for best picture and best director — but flopped at the Oscars, walking away with only awards for best adapted screenplay, original score and film editing.

- Facebook, which currently employs 3,000 people, has announced plans to hire “thousands” more over the next year.


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