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Indonesia's State Assets Worth IDR1,338.7 Trillion
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Senin, 2 Januari 2012 | 11:14 WIB

JAKARTA, - The directorate general of state treasury of the finance ministry has recorded that the state assets in 74 ministries and state institutions since 2007 are valued at Rp1,338.7 trillion, a senior official said.

Director for legal and public relations affairs of the directorate general of state treasury, Purnama T Sianturi said the figure was the state assets’ value until June 30, 2011. "Up to June 30, 2011, total value of the state assets was Rp1,338.7 trillion, which comprises Rp49.56 trillion worth of stocks, Rp1,265.09 trillion fixed assets and other assets worth Rp24.05 trillion."

He said that the value of the state assets in June 2011, if it was compared with their value on January 1, 2011 at Rp1,287.58 trillion, increased by about Rp51.23 trillion.

Purnama said the directorate general also recorded that the turnout of the asset management until December 28, 2011 was worth Rp993.61 billion with a prediction that at the year-end it would reach Rp1.12 trillion. This is because there is additional receipt amounting to Rp127 billion from the conversion of receivables into a capital participation.

"The amount exceeded the target set in the 2011 revised state budget at Rp965.69 billion."

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