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Indonesia's Participation in World's First Conference on Internet
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011 | 08:22 WIB

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - The United Kingdom is to hold the world’s first conference on Internet use aimed at creating a framework for global and mutual understanding on its potentials, a visiting UK official said.

The London Conference of Cyberspace would be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center on November 20, the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, William Hague MP, said in a discussion with the press hosted by the United Kingdom’s embassy here Monday.

The event would hopefully be a more focused and inclusive dialog between key cyberspace actors from across the world including from government, industry and civil society.

The conference would aim to develop better collective understanding of how to protect and preserve the tremendous opportunities that recent cyberspace developments offer while ideas and proposals raised at the meeting would be included in a ’London Agenda’.

Five topics would be discussed in the London Conference, namely economic growth and development, social benefits, cyber crime, safe and reliable access and international security. As a conference on cyberspace, the conference can be followed by the public using the hashtag #LondonCyber and the twitter account @LondonCyber.

Other issues to be addressed by the conference would be striking the right balance between protection of intellectual property rights and access, innovation and creation of markets, how government regulation and industry’s self-regulation should work together, the importance of transparency and predictability of regulatory and fiscal regimes and their ability to adapt to fast-changing technologies.

"As the second largest user of cyber’s social media , the UK government has also invited four of the Communication and Informatics Ministry’s directors general as Indonesia’s envoys to the event," said the embassy’s IT (information technology) staffer Ichwan Hudaya.

Although Indonesia had already received invitations for four government officials, several journalists considered that it would be more relevant if the event was also attended by Indonesia’s top bloggers as representatives of public opinion.

Some of the top international speakers at the conference would be US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Kaspersky Chief Executive Officer Eugene Kaspersky from Russia, The Netherlands Foreign Minister Uri Rosental, President of Estonia Toomas Ilves, Yemen activist and researcher Atiaf Alwazir, Research in Motion Vice President Patrick Spence. Vice President EMEA Facebook Joana Shields and many more.

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