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Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Suparno
Minimum Main Power of Indonesian Navy Realized in 2014
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Kamis, 8 September 2011 | 08:05 WIB

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.com - Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Suparno said that the building of the navy’s minimum main power may be reached in the next three years in 2014.

"The building of a minimum main power had become a program of the Indonesian Navy and we hoped it would be realized in 2014," he said after leading the transfer of post of the Armada Commander for East Indonesia (Pangarmatim) and the Navy Academy Governor in Surabaya on Wednesday.

Suparno said the limited budget from the government made the navy difficult in meeting the main armament system (alutsista) optimally to support operational tasks. Therefore, the procurement of alutsista has been for the time being adjusted with the most urgent and financial capacity.

Several alutsista items had been planned by the Navy until 2014, including submarines, anti-submarine helicopters, warships and training ship in replacement of KRI Dewaruci.

"With a limited budget, we have to be very careful in meeting our needs in this condition. The armament which could still be used despite its old age, would still be used and upgraded," he said. Although with a minimum main power, Suparno said the navy would still be professional in performing its national tasks of safeguarding the country.

"Speaking of the ideal number of armaments (alutsista) to support the navy’s operational tasks, obviously it was still insufficient. But we are fully aware of the limited budget of the government," Suparno added.

In his address and directives during the transfer ceremony, Admiral Suparno also admitted that the challenge facing the navy in this 21st century, is increasingly complex and dynamic. "With the strategic and geographical location of Indonesia and its waters, the navy needs a reliable and strong power," he said.

In the meantime, the post of Pangarmatim had been transferred from Rear Admiral Bambang Suwarto to Rear Admiral Ade Supandi, who was Navy Academy Governor. The post of navy academy governor vacated by Rear Admiral Ade Supandi is now in the hands of Commodore Agus Purwoto who was deputy operational assistant to the Military (TNI)Chief.

The transfer of post was attended by a number of civil and military officials, including East Java Governor Soekarwo, Central Java Governor Bibit Waluyo, East Java Division chief Maj Gen Gatot Nurmantyo, East Java police chief Inspector General Hadiatmoko, and former Navy Chief Admiral (ret.) Bernard Kent Sondakh.

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