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The Indonesian Mother Pregnant with Her Son's Baby
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Kamis, 28 April 2011 | 14:11 WIB

POLEWALI MANDAR, - A mother is expecting a baby of his son in Polewali Mandar village, West Sulawesi. The mother having 8 children is 7 months pregnant with a baby of her first child.

Her husband who is in Malaysia has not supported the family for five years. This situation is suspected to be the trigger of their sexual misconduct.

Previously the 40-year old mother, Rani, denied the allegation of her neighbors that she was pregnant. However, she failed to hide the bump getting bigger and bigger.

She ever claimed of being raped by a local man. Her neighbors kept suspicious of listening her reason that she killed the man and buried his body in the middle of a paddy field.

Haunted by fears of being sent to a police station because of the claim, she made another lie. She lied that she was raped by a man from Endrekang regency, south Sulawesi.

Finally, local residents and public officers pushed her to show the man who is supposed to be the real father. Several weeks later, Rani took the man she claimed as the biological father to expose him to them with a marriage certificate released by Enrekang civil marriages office as an evidence. The suspicions diminished.

Four months after she offered the claim, local residents got suspicious again after one of her children who is 4 years old told them that she had slept with her oldest child working as a bricklayer to support the family.

Local residents and public officers forced her to clarify their indecent sexual behaviour. They were so shocked that they could not believe it after Rani revealed the baby in her womb is Emang's, her oldest child.

Being afraid of social punishments they possibly got, Rani and Emang fled from their house on different days last week. Their relatives living nearby keep the rest of Rani's children.

Local residents still doubt it that she told the truth about the father. Eventhough Emang admitted it, they suspected Rani lied to them as she did before. (K25-11)