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Cafe Used for Sex Transactions in Indonesia
Jimmy Hitipeuw | Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010 | 12:38 WIB
AFP Indonesians use computers at a public internet service in Jakarta on August 10, 2010. Indonesia will hail the holy month of Ramadan with moves by the authorities to rid pornography and smut in the media, following a juicy sex scandal centering local starlets.

SITUBONDO, KOMPAS.com - Situbondo police of East Java arrested a suspected pimp in a cafe allegedly used for  sex transactions involving under-aged girls here Wednesday night, police said.

Besides arresting an alleged pimp during the raid on the small cafe, police also took into custody a commercial sex worker girl who was suspected to be a victim of a human trafficking ring.       Police launched the raid after receiving a tip from the locals about rumors that the cafe was employing an under-aged girl who was also believed to be a victim of human trafficking.      Police also found an under-aged girl in the cafe which belonged to Sulaiman in Kalianget village, Banyuglugur sub district, Situbondo. Other girls working in the cafe had fled before police raided the place.       "We found one under-aged girl who was exploited as a sex worker," Situbondo police chief for criminal investigation affairs Adjunct Commissioner Sunarto said.

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