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No Sweeping of Foreigners in Batam
jimbon | Jumat, 23 April 2010 | 08:49 WIB

A security officer puts out a burned down car torched by workers of PT Drydocks World Graha shipyard in Tanjung Uncang, Batam, April 22, 2010, who ran amok after a foreign executive officer mentioned a statement that sparked their anger


BATAM, KOMPAS.com - Police said no sweeping of foreigners had  occurred following a riot at PT Drydock World Graha in Batam, Riau Islands province, on Thursday.

"There was no such sweep. The security situation in Batam remains conducive," Riau Islands deputy police chief Senior Commissioner Bambang Budi Santoso said.
He said the riot lasted from morning to afternoon at around PT Drydock World Graha shipyard only while other regions remained secure. "Do not exaggerate it. The incident only happened here," he said.
Barelang city police chief Senior Commissioner Leonidas Braksan meanwhile said that no safety measures were taken for foreigners working at other shipyards in Batam.
He said he considered tightening of security was not needed as situation remained conducive. He said four cars had been burned and 30 others damaged due to the rioting triggered by a mere misunderstanding and therefore it did not spread to other areas.
The rioting started at around 8 am when a supervisor from India known by his initials as VJ scolded a local worker and called Indonesians dumb. Unable to accept the insult on Indonesians the worker then reported it to other fellow workers leading to a rioting at around 8.30 am. The situation started to be conducive at around 2 pm after hundred police and military personnel were deployed there.
Workers burned and vandalized around 38 cars, several bikes and  rooms in the office. Around 41 Indian national workers of PT Drydock World Graha were evacuated to the Barelang police station by police patrol boat.

Four of the Indian workers were hurt following a brawl with local workers and one of them was reported to be in critical condition. Some police and military personnel have been stationed at the location to assure security.

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